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    Owner-Builder Program

What is our Owner-Builder Program?

With an Armstrong Framing Package, you can finish your own new home! We deliver the assembled wall panels and roof system on the foundation at your site. You manage your own project, manage the subcontractors, and, if you like, even do part of the work yourself.

Armstrong Will Help You Through The Process

After purchasing an Armstrong Frame Package, you will be able to take your project to completion by following the detailed guidelines, which have been outlined for your project. We will help you with your budget estimates and make sure you are receiving accurate and realistic quotes from your subcontractors.

We can suggest several financial institutions, familiar with our excellent Owner-Builder programs, who can easily help you qualify for necessary financing.

Available Anywhere

The great aspect of Armstrong's Owner Builder program is that it can be used anywhere. We can ship your home locally in Washington State, by land to parts of the Continental USA (mainly western states of Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada, and California) , Canada, and Mexico, or by sea internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I actually save money by doing the owner builder package?

Yes! You can certainly save money by doing our Owner-Builder Program. But, managing a home build can be a very time-consuming and demanding process. If you have a limited amount of time to dedicate to managing this new project, doing our Custom Home build option may be better for you.

Will Armstrong help me find sub-contractors to complete the home?

Yes, in most cases Armstrong will help you find sub-contractors. We will even connect you with the sub-contractors we use for our Custom Home projects. If you are outside of our service area of the Pacific North West, we may not know sub-contractors to recommend.

What is included with the owner builder package?

  • Foundation
  • Exterior and interior walls framed
  • Siding, trim, and windows installed
  • Floor systems
  • Exterior Doors
  • Roof
  • Supervision for Armstrong’s Scope of Work
* We can modify our scope of work to accommodate your families specific needs
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