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    Ten Ways Armstrong Saves Time & Money

1. Precision:

Wall panels and roof trusses are precision manufactured in assembly jigs for accuracy that ensures correct plumb and fit as the components go together.

2. Speed of construction:

Components arrive just in time with value-added features installed. Cuts framing stage time by 30% to 50%.

3. Fewer workers required:

Fewer hard-to-find skilled framers are needed. Delays for labor shortages are virtually non-existent.

4. Consistency:

Lumber is pre-inspected to meet standards of quality. Components are constructed under cover eliminating lumber warpage due to extended sun and rain exposure.

5. Lower costs:

Faster construction gets you done and out of your construction loan. Precision components are built right—no tear down and rebuild of mistakes.

6. Reduced waste:

Builders usually order up to 20% more lumber than needed to cover waste due to errors, weather damage and flawed lumber.

7. Security:

Armstrong component construction eliminates pilferage and vandalism of materials.

8. Room to work at the jobsite:

An Armstrong Component package eliminates the need to have lot space designated for lumber stock-piles.

9. Flexibility:

You decide. Order pre-installed siding, windows and other added-value items right for your construction methods.

10. Customer service:

Armstrong provides service, timing and serves your individual needs far beyond any ordinary raw lumber company. With well over 50 years of experience in panelized components, Armstrong is the one to trust.