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    Build Smart

Precision-manufactured Building Components.

Houses framed in a day... with one third the crew.

Sound impossible? Not with Armstrong on your job. No one else in the industry combines as much building and manufacturing experience in one company.

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Pre-manufactured components help you contend with current trends in today's building industry. For example, we help you manage operations around tight sites. The healthy growth of our cities and neighborhoods has resulted in a scarcity of new building sites. Some cities are enjoying a rebirth of older residential areas called "re-urbanization." Unfortunately, for builders, these sites offer little space for stockpiling materials. Not a problem with the Armstrong system. Pre-built walls, trusses and other components can be delivered just in time to the site. With little in the way of stockpiled materials, theft and weather damage are virtually eliminated.

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Watch a home built with Armstrong components and you'll immediately be impressed with the pace of construction. Homes and commercial structures can be erected and roofed in a fraction of the time (just a day for many homes), achieving a "dry in" condition that helps avoid rot and mold. In addition, pre-manufactured housing is more precise, so that less material is wasted in the construction process.

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Benefits of using Buildings with Pre-manufactured Components

  • Time – Faster construction as walls, trusses and other pre-made components arrive just in time and with value-added features you require. Cuts time in the framing stage by 30% - 50%.
  • Labor – Fewer hard-to-find skilled framers are needed to get the job done. With Armstrong components, delays for labor shortages are far less.
  • Quality & Consistency – Your components are built on pre-designed assembly stations where accuracy is assured. Lumber is pre-inspected to meet standards of quality. Wall components are constructed under cover, eliminating lumber warpage due to extended sun and rain exposure.
  • Money – Time saved gets you out of your construction loan to final turnover faster; a significant savings. Components are guaranteed built right – no tear down and rebuild of mistakes.
  • Less waste – On site construction requires builders to order up to 20% more lumber than needed. In the Armstrong system, waste is virtually eliminated and no materials are lost to exposure to weather.
  • Security – Armstrong component construction eliminates pilferage of loose lumber and other loose materials.
  • Uncluttered Job Site – An Armstrong Component package eliminates the need to have lot space cluttered with lumber stock-piles.
  • Flexibility – You decide how much "value-added" you want. Order with as much or as little pre-installed siding, windows and other elements you need to optimize profitability.

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