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    Framing Packages - California

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Let Armstrong Lumber Co., Inc supply your panelized home package.  We supply owner-builders and contractors in California.  Over the years we have sent many home packages to California, to be built by our partner contractors and owner builders!  Areas include Northern California areas such as Sacramento, Southern California areas like San Diego and everywhere in between.  

A typical panelized framing package consists of Exterior Walls, Interior Walls, Roof Trusses, Roof Sheathing, and Trim.  These components are built using jigs, using computerized laser saws, and finished with 1/16" accuracy.

Exterior walls typicalls include the framing, sheathing, vapor barrier, siding, windows, and exterior doors installed, but Armstrong can modify this according to your building needs and local building codes.

Interior walls will be typically framed with all openings and headers in place.

Roof Trusses are pre-engineered and contructed on jigs with computerized laser saws.

Benefits of Building with Armstrong in California

  • Time – Faster construction as walls, trusses and other pre-made components arrive just in time and with value-added features you require. Cuts time in the framing stage by 30% - 50%.
  • Labor – Fewer hard-to-find skilled framers are needed to get the job done. With Armstrong components, delays for labor shortages are far less.
  • Quality & Consistency – Your components are built on pre-designed assembly stations where accuracy is assured. Lumber is pre-inspected to meet standards of quality. Wall and truss components are constructed under cover, eliminating lumber warpage due to extended sun and rain exposure.
  • Money – Time saved gets you out of your construction loan to final turnover faster; a significant savings. Components are guaranteed built right – no tear down and rebuild of mistakes.
  • Less waste – On site construction requires builders to order up to 20% more lumber than needed. In the Armstrong system, waste is virtually eliminated and no materials are lost to exposure to weather.
  • Security – Armstrong component construction eliminates pilferage of loose lumber and other loose materials.
  • Uncluttered Job Site – An Armstrong Component package eliminates the need to have lot space cluttered with lumber stock-piles.
  • Flexibility – You decide how much "value-added" you want. Order with as much or as little pre-installed siding, windows and other elements you need to optimize profitability.
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