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American Made Homes

Armstrong is also an exporter of our products overseas. We have over 20 years experience, shipping homes and components to countries like Japan, Russia, Germany, and Canada. Armstrong is able to ship complete framing packages, including windows installed or loose, trusses, doors, millwork, cabinets, etc. To date, Armstrong has shipped hundreds framing packages outside of the USA, and people all over the world are enjoying their Armstrong home.

Recognized Excellence

Armstrong was recognized as the winner of the “2003 Emerging Trader of the Year” award winner in the state of Washington!

Convenient Location

Armstrong’s headquarters are conveniently located between Pacific Rim seaports of Seattle and Tacoma in Auburn, Washington. We receive container’s quickly and our product is easy and quick to load. Travel to a seaport to drop off a container for shipping takes less than 30 minutes! This greatly reduces the time and costs associated with getting your product to port.

For more info, please call 800-868-9066 or click here.