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    Redmond Testimonials

Check out what clients are saying about Armstrong Homes of Redmond!

When we get past the risk of crappy winter weather, I'll have to reschedule the open house Thank You party I wanted to have for you guys and your crews. I know it wasn't a prize-winning project or huge money maker for your company, but it means everything to me that you built such a fine home for my family and me. To see my own creation come to life and to be living in what started in my imagination is nothing short of amazing. I designed my first house when I was 13, but never really thought I would be able to get one of them built. And then I made a phonecall to Armstrong Homes. I am especially grateful to you, Jim and Rich for the countless hours you put in over the last two years to make it all happen. You guys make Armstrong Homes shine!

Keep warm and safe, Rich.
Best regards,


Wow, what a pleasant experience to work with a building company who can be defined with three simple words; integrity, honesty and professional. Armstrong’s innovative off-site panelized wall construction system provided my wife, Lori and I with a timely built quality vacation home on our waterfront property located on Sinclair Island in the Washington State San Juan’s.

Because constraints for building a stick-built home were too great and costly on Sinclair Island, we opted to contract with Armstrong Homes who provided us with a fast track construction schedule, assuring us we could have our new home fully constructed and dried-in during the summer months.

Armstrong Homes architectural staff quickly modified our existing house plans to meet their panelized construction requirements, provided us with an expedited construction schedule and mobilized material and equipment to Sinclair Island for our island construction project.

It literally took only one day to demolish our existing vacation cabin and provide set-up for our new concrete foundation. Within a few days Armstrong’s flatbed crane operated truck arrived by barge to the Island and within one day our home was fully erected with exterior sided walls, doors, windows and interior partition walls. The balance of the roof framing, porches and decks were completed within a few weeks and our home was completely dried-in prior to the fall rains. It’s amazing how quickly the structure took shape.

We would recommend, without hesitation, Armstrong Homes to others who might be considering building a new home either on the mainland or somewhere on a remote island. With nearly six decades of experience, you can count on Armstrong’s commitment to make your project a success.

Our sincere thanks to Armstrong’s expert management team, Rick, Jim and Deborah -- for making our dream a reality.

-Ralph & Lori Gregory, Mill Creek, Washington

The team at Armstrong are extremely easy to work with and professional. The work they do is excellent and I would recommend them as quality builders having built a number of homes in other parts of the world. Their owner builder program should really be called owner saves money!! Jim, Rich, and team make the process so easy that anybody could use it. Thanks Armstrong for having such a simple way to save money without compromising on quality, would have no hesitation in recommending you guys and look forward to future working together.

-Mr. Adams

Rich - Jim has done such a great job! We couldn't be happier with all aspects of the outcome. His decision making while keeping us informed was spot on. You are lucky to work with him.


Dear friends at Armstrong - Well, it’s been a whole year since we took possession of our new baby that you all helped create for us. This is just a quick note to let you know how much we appreciated your help, expertise, and your patience as we went through the process. Since you were the builder of our home on Pine Lake, we really had no problem deciding to “do it again”. Once again the outcome was excellent! We were especially impressed with the crews that actually did all the hard work. Your ability in coordinating all the sub-contractors to be here on time and in the right sequence was particularly impressive. Once again, the friendly, professional, and cooperative attitude of your staff was outstanding. Please feel free to use our names as a reference any time in the future. If you would like to show our home to anyone, that’s ok to!

-Bob and Margie

Please extend my sincere thanks to Rich and team for their prompt attention to my warranty question about some ill Milgard Windows. Milgard has contacted me with instructions and has shipped replacement parts to get them back in tip top form. I greatly appreciate the professionalism of your staff in helping with my challenge for a home you built over 15 years ago. Thank You!


I have had a life-long dream of some day living in a home that I designed for myself. Given my limited resources, I wasn’t at all sure that dream had any possibility of becoming a reality. I talked with a couple of general contractors and felt very discouraged by the prices they were quoting. Then I learned from a couple of friends about the panelized construction that Armstrong Homes was offering. I called the Redmond office to get more information and scheduled a meeting with a project coordinator.

I was pleased to learn that my dream was, in fact, affordable and that Armstrong Homes would work with my plans and would do as much or as little of the construction as I wanted them to do.

To save money and to be as intimately involved with the construction of my home as possible, I chose to be my own general contractor. Armstrong Homes built the panelized shell and I found local subcontractors to do plumbing, heating, electrical, roofing, dry walling, insulation, etc.

It was a relief, a comfort, and compliment to find that all of the people at Armstrong (with whom I dealt) treated me with respect. As a 68 year old woman who had never tackled this kind of project before I think I half-way expected to be laughed at. That never happened. Working with all of the folks from Armstrong has been a real joy.

As with any project of this magnitude there were little bumps and hiccups along the way. Whenever I had a question or concern, I received a prompt response. I always felt confident that Armstrong was committed to customer satisfaction. I am thrilled with my home! It is solid. It is my dream come true. And what an education it has been along the way! I would happily recommend this adventure to others.

- Lois

Hi Rick

I'm happy to report that everything went according to plan this week. The sheet rock was fixed, door was adjusted/weather striping added, skin casings were installed above the fixtures, tub jets were fixed (although I haven't tested it out yet!) and the spout on the tub was fixed.

Thank Pedro again for being out here the last two days and for painting over the ceiling sheet rock repairs, it looks great.

Everyone did an excellent job and once again we thank you all for making this a priority. As I've mentioned before, if there is ever anything we can do for you (referrals etc...) please let us know. We think highly of your crew and we know times in construction are difficult right now. You're such a high quality trustworthy team, and we are hopeful that these difficult times do not impact you too much. We'll keep talking you up if we hear anyone wanting a new home and we'll let you know when we need our basement remodeled (maybe 4 years!) We will be in touch and you do the same. Thank you

- Roberta & Mike