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    Commercial Buildings

Let Armstrong Build Your Office Building

Armstrong not only builds residential construction, but also light commercial construction projects. Examples of these include: banks, community centers, apartments, houses of worship, restaurants, small shopping centers, self-storage facilities, and office buildings.

Advantages to builders of multi-unit and commercial construction

The Armstrong system can be utilized by any construction that is substantially of wood or wood products. In a competitive world where profit margins are always under pressure, pre-manufactured components are rapidly gaining favor among savvy commercial builders and developers of multi-unit projects.

Builders have discovered the adaptability and scalability of easy-to-use factory-built modules. Faster construction and reduced direct-labor costs “pencil” in more advantageously the larger the project.

Pre-manufactured components are ideal for any site where space is limited. Supervision and management resources, often stretched thin on larger projects find their workload lightened as the pace of construction is quickened and fewer workers are needed on the job.

Armstrong Building Components has been a pioneer and leader in the Northwest. We understand the needs of our builder partners and appreciate the coordination and teamwork needed to build successful projects. With over 50 years experience, you can count on Armstrong to help make your project a success.


Armstrong is able to build commercially in Washington State, and send components worldwide. Please call us at 800-868-9066 or click here for more information.

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