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The Armstrong family of businesses was founded in 1952, by Richard C. Armstrong Sr. A retail lumber yard, Armstrong Lumber Co., Inc. soon began to grow and diversify into other areas. The retail lumber yard eventually gave way to a new revolutionary concept in home construction, pre-manufactured building components. Wall panels and roof trusses built in a controlled plant situation, along with a custom cabinet shop, since sold, and a door and millwork shop became the operation, which is known today as the Armstrong Building System. From this came construction offices, located throughout Western Washington, which have been building custom homes for thousands of local residents. By integrating with the main plant headquarters and utilizing the off-site construction method, Armstrong is one of the few builders vertically integrated and able to control the whole building process. This ensures quality control and valuable savings for our clients.

Today, with our expanded facility and full use of our 10-acre site, Armstrong has become a leader in custom home building and in the building component industry, selling products both at home and abroad. The company is run by second and third generation family members who hold fast to their father's founding slogan of:

"There is no substitute for quality"

arm postcard
Armstrong Homes postcard from the 1960's!